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A Well-Respected Catholic Elementary School
Years of perfecting the art of teaching has contributed to the high degree of respect Saint Ignatius of Antioch Catholic Elementary School deserves.

We want nothing but the best for our children's education. Whether that means the perfect teacher, the right mix of academics, a wealth of special subjects, the influence of spirituality, or some other criteria, selecting the most appropriate elementary school involves much more than filling out forms on registration day.

Religious education in Bucks County, PA can be found at Saint Ignatius of Antioch Catholic SchoolSaint Ignatius of Antioch takes quality Catholic school education to the next level. The strength that characterizes our dynamic principal coupled with the dedicated faculty and staff members help mold these curious young minds. This progressive yet wholesome Bucks County, Blue Ribbon Catholic elementary school is a nurturing environment that encourages children to thrive and excel.

Grade Level Achievements
From computers to science and math honors, Saint Ignatius brings Yardley the finest in Religion and Catholic educational studies. It all begins in pre-k, where children enjoy playing while benefiting from the educational aspects of their daily activities. Kindergarten takes on a slightly more serious role, demonstrating student growth and building self confidence. Grades one through eight systematically establish a solid academic and social foundation readying the student to tackle their chosen high school.

Catholic School Admissions
Catholic school admissions are fast and easy when applying to Buck County's finest elementary religious educational school Saint Ignatius has carved a unique niche for itself as one of Bucks County's most respected and highly regarded elementary Catholic schools. With Terra Nova® scores consistently above average, exceptional high school / college entrance admission levels, and affordable tuition rates, it's no mystery why the school's growth rate has rapidly climbed over the past several years.

"The difference between my son's public school kindergarten class and the Saint Ignatius kindergarten academics is like night and day. Saint Ignatius is far more advanced!", admits a visiting mother during last year's Open House event.   Read more testimonials...

Perpetual Progress
Philadelphia Archdiocese Catholic Elementary education at its finest - Saint Ignatius Catholic School Saint Ignatius of Antioch Catholic School boasts constant progress. A newly built science lab gives students an opportunity to explore with hands-on experiments. The remodeled library facility emphasizes the importance of reading and research. A watchful eye is kept on maximizing education, health, and safety through the use of advanced technology, ergonomics, and environmental concerns.

Join the Saint Ignatius Family
Catholic religion in Bucks County has never been more exciting!  Located in Yardley, Pennsylvania, Saint Ignatius of Antioch Catholic Elementary School is one of the area's most respected Catholic schools! Contact Saint Ignatius to learn more about how your child can become part of this wonderful educational and spiritual community. One of our staff members is available to answer questions, provide tuition information, and give a guided tour of the school. Get directions to Saint Ignatius of Antioch Catholic School.


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