AERIAL SURVEYS of Florida Real Estate
*FREE Helicopter Aerial Surveys for Perspective Buyers

Florida aerial survey methods are used to show buyers surrounding locations before they purchase commercial real estate.  Aerial photography and survey services using helicopters are offered by OMNI4 Realty

Please contact us for more information about our aerial helicopter property surveys.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...
A picture can save you millions of dollars!

OMNI4 Realty offers *free aerial surveys of real estate for our clients using helicopters, which provide an amazing visual perspective about the property being considered for purchase and its surrounding areas.

A bird's eye view of your next real estate investment is invaluable for immediately identifying the benefits and flaws associated with the property. During the flight, many clients discover additional and/or different parcels for real estate consideration. Bring your camera along for your own record of the views. Photographs are an excellent tool for studying the real estate property and surrounding areas, showing to investors, and presenting at client meetings.

A Developer's Dream
Our helicopter flights are scheduled with the purpose of finding overlooked parcels of land, including:

  • Land that is ripe for development
  • Land on the market that needs to
    be seen from a different vantage point
  • Inner city areas that are worthy of
    a redevelopment project

A Client's Dream
An aerial survey is the perfect opportunity to get the best picture of what location, location, location really means!


Aerial photography for Florida commercial real estate gives buyers the best perspective.  Aerial surveys are invaluable when it comes to purchasing Florida property and real estate.

Knowledge is Power
Aerial surveys by helicopter, coupled with the latest research tools give you the in-depth information needed to make smart and sound real estate business decisions. OMNI4 Realty provides the best of both worlds.

*A rebate for the cost of up to 10 hours for an aerial survey is applied against our fees for any deal that closes. See rebate terms for greater detail.