Florida home purchases for buyers and sellers - Real estate property with the professionals!
Buyer and Seller Property Services

Thinking of buying or selling your Florida home? Florida residential real estate purchases, including land parcels, single family homes, condominiums, townhouses, and estates have never been easier. At OMNI4 Realty, your real estate transaction is in the hands of our professionals, who tailor each client's services according to individual need. From MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to home mortgage financing and settlement procedures, OMNI4 Realty is fully prepared with licensed agents and trained real estate advisors ready to service your home buying and selling real estate requirements.

Buyer Services

Buyers seeking to purchase a Florida home or residential real estate property need to know more than the price and description. From thorough appraisal services to local school system knowledge, OMNI4 Realty covers every aspect of home buying. In addition, our certified advisors are skilled contract negotiators, as well as financial gurus. We don't just sell homes - we establish solid customer relations to ensure that each homeowner is completely satisfied with his or her purchase.

The Home Buying Process

  • Initial meeting and/or discussion of home buying requirements;
  • Real estate searches begin, utilizing up-to-date MLS (Multiple Listing Service);
  • Efficient results are produced. No time is wasted on discussing and/or visiting properties that don't adequately meet the home buyer's specifications;
  • Maps and directions of buyer's area of interest are reviewed. Alternative locations may be suggested;
  • School system data and tax information are provided;
  • Visits to properties are performed, as needed;
  • Bids are placed when property of interest is found;
  • Contract negotiations are made, including professional advice and consulting;
  • Service providers for inspections, appraisals, utility companies, and other residential buyers' components are recommended;
  • Settlement, mortgage, financial, and closing procedures are completely handled;
  • Post-settlement consulting and advice is available.

Seller Services

Sellers interested in having their Florida residential home or real estate property appraised and/or listed on the market for sale will benefit from OMNI4 Realty's comprehensive services. A properly prepared, priced, and advertised home should not "sit" on the market but should attract serious buyers who are pre-qualified to support your home's expenses. Our professionals will evaluate your real estate property and accurately assess its position against the comparables. The goal is for your property to sell as quickly as possible, without sacrificing potential income or time restraints.

The Home Selling Process

  • Initial inspection and/or property appraisal to determine real estate value;
  • Maximum property potential advice is given upon request;
  • Property is listed using computer-based MLS (Multiple Listing Service);
  • Full-fledged real estate marketing campaign is employed, incorporating "Open Houses" and agent "Walk-Through" visits, when needed;
  • Seller's relocation needs are addressed in entirety;
  • Buyer visits are scheduled, with respect to seller's timeframe and constraints;
  • Contract negotiations are made with other agents and buyer's offers;
  • Settlement details are coordinated and arranged;
  • Closing is organized and successfully orchestrated;
  • Post-settlement consulting and advice is available.

With our advanced solutions and professional attitude, OMNI4 Realty consistently comes out first as the top-choice for Florida residential real estate transactions!

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