Florida realtor services for new construction, commercial and residential development

Florida real estate services for new developers of commercial and residential property

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Florida new construction offers great opportunities! From green building to office complexes to industrial parks, condos, and single-family homes, newly built Florida real estate is in high demand and represents the potential for an extraordinary return on your investment.

OMNI4 Realty offers comprehensive developer services. A developer will orchestrate and streamline the entire real estate process for new construction, including:

  • Finding the right property, either by ground or aerial surveys;
  • Attracting investors;
  • Bringing appropriate builders to the project;
  • Handling all financing matters;
  • Marketing the property, when needed;
  • Coordinating settlement plans;
  • Managing the property once occupied
  • Offering expert consulting advice.

OMNI4 Realty covers a wide spectrum of client needs, from consumers of commercial and residential new construction to Realtors® and investors.

OMNI4 Realty is always scouting for land with development potential that makes economic sense. We look for both commercial and residential uses of strategically located properties. For the end-user of a real estate development project, OMNI4 Realty effectively showcases work in progress while highlighting future development projects. For those clients with build-to-suit needs, we patiently walk you through each step, guiding and recommending when needed. For the investor, OMNI4 Realty offers a multitude of real estate development investment opportunities.

Your newly constructed Florida real estate investment may be the most important commercial project within your company or residential purchase of your life. Either way, a delicate blend of professional advice coupled with personal investment is required for your project's success!

- Green Building
- Hurricane Resistance Considerations

OMNI4 Realty developments incorporate green building practices and state-of-the-art construction techniques that include hurricane preparedness. Having a strong interest in Florida green building and innovation in construction, OMNI4 Realty values the future of our environment, resources, safety, and economics.

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