Florida commercial real estate services for buyers and sellers of property

Reduce risks associated with the purchase or sale or lease of your Florida real estate property
Florida Brokerage Services

Buying and selling Florida commercial real estate property can be time-consuming and costly. The wrong purchase or bad advice could lead to an unstable investment with potentially thousands or millions of dollars at stake.

Florida Commercial Real Estate Property Services for Buyer and Seller At OMNI4 Realty, our goal is to design a custom solution for your Florida commercial real estate needs. Our single-point comprehensive brokerage services provide the keys for buyers and sellers to unlock many successful property doors.

A winning combination of professional advice and market knowledge, coupled with extraordinary real estate survey resources, gives our clients the best value in Florida commercial brokerage services available.

For the Buyer:

  • Physical condition of the real estate property for sale - an interested buyer will want the price to be adjusted to reflect the condition of the physical plant;
  • Net income generated by leases - Knowing what will be left over after the property expenses are paid is crucial information for the buyer;
  • Occupancy level and tenant mix - Before committing to a commercial real estate investment, buyers should know about any vacant "dark" spaces and, in the case of a retail center, if tenants are attracting shoppers;
  • Tenant Turnover determines how expensive the property will be when vacant. The statistics on how long the tenants have and/or will occupy the spaces provide vital information for any perspective commercial real estate buyer.
For the Seller:
  • Office Buildings - Ranging from small, owner-occupied properties to multi-building office parks and commercial office complexes, commercial office building property is very much in demand.
  • Retail Stores - From the free standing retail store to shopping centers and strip malls, sellers are eager to be informed about their choices.
  • Multi-Family Dwellings - As a result of economics and the skyrocketing housing market, apartments have been and always will be a basic necessity for many individuals and families.
  • Industrial Properties - Encompassing a wide variety of property uses, Industrial Properties include:
    • Manufacturing
    • Processing
    • Research
    • Development

Other Considerations
Commercial buyers and sellers of Florida real estate deserve every potential factor that could influence the property value.

  • Upside income potential. The status of existing rents, including how they compare with the market and if leases are escalating to keep pace with inflation, is examined for every property under consideration for sale, lease, or purchase lease.
  • Protection from large increases in operating expenses is an important component when examining real estate investment property, including:
    • Whether tenants share in expense increases or not;
    • Ensuring good physical condition of the property without deferred maintenance.
  • Areas of growth patterns. Knowing statistics about present and future demographics, population trends, and competitors' plans is essential when making intelligent real estate decisions.

Don't gamble away your investment dollars. OMNI4 Realty has the cutting edge technology to eliminate the guesswork and reduce the risks associated with Florida commercial real estate investments.

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